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Welcome to the Guidance Web Page!

Hello! My name is Courtney Combs.  I am the new school counselor at Holston View.  I spend Monday/Tuesday and Friday afternoon at Holston View and Wednesday/Thursday at Haynesfield.  I teach classroom guidance lessons that align with those areas and see students individually as the need arises.

Schedule: I serve two schools, Holston View and Haynesfield Elementary. I will be at Holston View on Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Friday.I am at Haynesfield on Wednesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday.

Program: Tennessee Comprehensive School Counseling programs will provide Educational support for all students by promoting and facilitating their academic, personal/social and career development.

Counselors work with...

  • Individual studentsto help them express concerns, better understand themselves, and work toward positive educational, personal, and social development.
  • Developmental groupsto help children learn from each other and share common concerns.
  • Growth groupsto explore experiences, study skills, and friendships.
  • Problem-centered groups to deal with concerns that may be interfering with learning, such as:Classroom groupsto help children feel good about themselves and their world. They develop positive educational, personal, and social skills.
  • - disruptive classroom behavior
  • - inadequate social skills
  • - underachievement
  • - personal /social issues
  • Parents
  • Administrators

Counselors help maximize the learning environment for students by...

  • using public appraisal techniques to identify proper instructional placement
  • organizing career awareness activities
  • conducting staff development activities related to student needs and school responsiveness
  • improving home/school communication

Counselors coordinate with...

  • Teachersto gain information to provide curriculum-based classroom guidance.
  • Parentsto encourage positive home/school relationships.
  • Teachers, Parents, and Studentsto promote positive testing conditions, skills, and attitudes and to assist in interpreting test results.
  • New Studentsto introduce them to a new school.
  • Special Service Staffto better serve students with special needs.
  • Community Agencies to make appropriate arrangements for referrals and follow-up services.


  • I believe that all students can achieve.
  • I believe taht all students have dignity and worth.
  • I believe that all students are important.


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