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Welcome to Kindergarten!!


SUPPLY LISTS - Click HERE to view the 2017-18 supply lists. 


AR (Accelerated Reader) NEWS:
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Always check PowerSchool for grades as it is the grade of record for report cards. 

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Language Arts:
I can write my name.
I can draw pictures to tell a story.
I can watch, listen, and keep my hands and feet still.
I can raise my hand before speaking.
I can recognize the lowercase letters.
I can recognize the capital letters.
I know to read left to right and top to bottom.
I can tell you what the author does.
I can tell you what the illustrator does.
I can produce rhyming words.
I can identify the front and back cover of a book.
I can show you the title page.
I can show you the table of contents.
I can respond to questions about the story.
I can listen with understanding.

I can sort by color, size, and shape.
I can identify shapes.
I know my left from my right.
I know the positional words inside/outside, before/after, above/below.
I can count to 100.
I can identify and write the numbers 1-30.

Science & Social Studies:
I can follow the rules in the classroom and the school.

Sight Words:

Color words: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, brown, orange, pink, white

Number Words: zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty

Number Poems:
These are our number poems for correct number writing. Please practice these daily in the sky, in shaving cream, on a dry-erase board, or on paper.
One. Come straight down and that is all. One
Two. Curl around and slide to the right. Two
Three. Halfway around and around again. Three
Four. Down, slide right and cut in two. Four
Five. Down and around and give it a hat. Five
Six. Slant on down and give it a curl. Six
Seven Slide to the right and slant on down. Seven
Eight. Make an S and go back home. Eight
Nine. Make a circle and come straight down. Nine
Zero. Make an oval and that is all. Zero

Grading Scale:
3: Consistently Meets Grade Level Expectations
2: Inconsistently Meets Grade Level Expectations
1: Working Below Grade Level Expectations