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HV AR Olympics
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018
AR Olympics February 14- March 7
AR Olympics February 14- March 7
Reading Makes Everyone a Winner!

Congrats to POD A – Olympic Grand Champions. 
POD B took 2nd & POD C took 3rd place overall.

  • 1st place POD A (games with Coach Arrington & Dr. Coleman)
  • 2nd place POD B (Pizza Party)
  • 3rd place POD C EXTRA Recess
  • 4th place POD D (freeze pops after lunch)



Opening Ceremony 2-13-18





Our AR READING Olympic closing ceremony was GOLDEN for students! We UNITED in GREEN for an early St. Patrick's Day and to support our friend who is at St. Jude's who loves green! The event began as countries went head to head in games such as a volley competition and life sized Hungry Hippos. We recognized top readers in each grade level and celebrated the country with the most points READ. Final results for the READING medals: POD C (Chile) achieved third place with the Bronze;... POD B (Bahamas) took the silver and POD A (Austria) brought home the GOLD! Medals were also awarded throughout the Olympics for spirit, sportsmanship and acts of kindness. The overall medals awarded included: POD D (Denmark) -16 medals, POD C (Chile) -17 medals, POD B (Bahamas) - 19 medals, and POD A (Austria) - 22 medals. We are PROUD of all our countries / students for striving for excellence in reading and for exhibiting outstanding behavior and school spirit during this three week event!


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