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The ENGAGE program is designed to provide students with enrichment and remediation opportunities in an educational setting. The acronym represents characteristics of the program.

E - Enrich
N - Navigate
G - Generate
A - Analyze  
G - Grow
E - Excel  

The E.N.G.A.G.E. curriculum allows students a choice of courses based upon their gifts, talents, strengths, needs, and interests. The enrichment opportunities nurture and reward students, providing them with options and alternatives for becoming a lifelong learner.

The curriculum framework is designed by Bristol Tennessee City School teachers using Tennessee State standards. Each course is rigorous, hands-on and provides opportunities for higher order thinking and problem solving skills.      


REMEDIATION: The remediation component is mandated by the Tennessee State Department of Education. Students who fall below grade level proficiency in reading and math are required to take remediation courses. Once a student raises their performance level, they will transition into elective courses. Therefore, all students should complete elective course selections.

ELECTIVES: Student enrolled in elective classes will be able to choose multiple courses throughout the school year. Electives will be taught daily for a 30 minute block. Elective courses offer each student opportunities to explore new areas of interest or to study a particular area in depth.

Electives may also provide avenues to tailor a child's specific needs. In the elective portion of the curriculum, courses are offered in the following areas: language arts, social studies, math, science, computer studies, health, physical education, visual arts, performing arts (instrumental and vocal music, dance) and media.

Most of the elective courses are appropriate for any student willing to learn and be exposed to new situations. These courses are highly motivational and give students the opportunity to study selected subjects.

Directions to Select Elective Courses Engage courses are split into three grade level sections (K-1, 2-3, and 4-6). When selecting elective courses, find the student's grade level section and prioritize each course (1 being first preference and the highest # being last selected course). There are limited numbers of seats per course. Courses will be offered in quarters for a 7-9 week period unless otherwise noted.  If students do not receive their top elective choices during the first or second quarter, they will likely have the opportunity during the third and fourth quarter to take to the course. Upper grade students will have priority of course selections over the lower grade students.

2015-16 Courses

4th-6th Electives

Art Smart
Cross Curricular Golf
Drama Club*
Fantasy Football
Games Galore
Have You Ever Wondered...?
Just or Unjust
Making Math Magical
May I Have Your John Hancock?*
Mini Movie Makers
Time Travelers
Titanic - All Aboard
Rockin' Reading
** Math Madness**

2nd-3rd Elective Courses

All About the Artist
American Sign Language
And the Wolf Always Did It?
Fun with Romona!
Get Ready to Write
Math in the Real World
May I Have Your John Hancock?*
Only in my Mind!*
Solar Energy Club
Team Building
Where in the World is Flath Stanley?
Rockin' Reading**

K-1st Elective Courses

Alphabet Art


Laying the Foundation

Minds Under Construction (Crew 1 MIXERS)*

Minds Under Construction (Crew 2 EXCAVATORS)*

Minds Under Construction (Crew 3 BUILDERS)*

Move Like a Super Hero  Parade* Road Trip: An introduction to the 50 States*

Where in the World Am I? Would You Give a Mouse a Cookie?  

*not offered all quarters